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[Live links in red]

February 4, 2016, Unity Online Radio, The Soul-Directed Life, host Janet Conner

Dec 15, 2015, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, Host: Lisa Cypers Kamen

Mar 31, WBEB FM ~ Philadelphia, PA, “Women's File,” host Emily Scheivert

Mar 27, The VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel ~ Internet Radio, "The Self Improvement Show," host Dr. Irene Conlan

Mar 11, Blog Talk Radio, “Online with Andrea,” host Andrea Garrison

Mar 10, Sedona Talk Radio ~ Internet Radio, “Naturopathic Medicine, Patient Advocate” host Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

March 6, Blog Talk Radio ~ Internet Radio, “Full Power Living,” host Ilene Dillon

Feb 26, Unity Online Radio, "Soulstream," host Rev. Kristin Powell

Feb 25, WBEV 1430 AM, "Idea Exchange," host Brenda Murphy

Feb 13, WRPI 91.5 FM ~ Schenectady, NY, “In the Spirit,” host Gary Goldberg

Feb 16, KGNU 88.5 FM, Boulder, CO, “Living Dialogues,” host Duncan Campbell

Jan 22, KKNW 1150 AM, 1:30pm-2:00 pm ET (11:30am-Noon MT; 10:30-11:00 pm PT) Live ~ national radio, “The Dr. Pat Show,” host Dr. Pat Baccili

Jan 9, Blog Talk Radio ~ Internet Radio, “The Philippe Matthews Show,” host Philippe Matthews

Jan 7, KVYN FM ~ San Francisco, CA, “Conversations of the Quantum Age,” host Marlene Caldes 


Dec. 23, blogtalkradio ~ Internet Radio, “It’s All About You,” host Darien Marshall

Dec 17, KIXI 880 AM ~ Seattle, WA, “Chat with Women,” hosts Rochelle Alhadeff & Pam Grey

Dec 10, Empower Radio ~ Internet Radio, “Journey to Center,” host Tammi Baliszewski

Dec. 9, KKNW 1150 AM ~ Seattle, WA, “Conscious Talk,” hosts Brenda Michaels & Rob Spears 

Dec. 9, Internet Radio, “Heart Filled Holidays,” host Sandy Fowler 
** Interview starts at 15.42 min

Dec 8, Dec 15, KBAC 98.1 FM ~ Santa Fe, NM, “Transitions Radio Magazine,” host Alan Hutner 

 Dec 7, Contact Talk Radio ~ Internet Radio, “The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show,” host Dr. Anne Marie Evers
** Interview starts at 16.47 min

Dec. 4, Unity Online Radio ~ Internet Radio, “Design Your Life,” host Rev. Kevin Ross (Rivvy starts at 9:30)

Dec 1, WBZ AM, Boston, MA, “Women’s Watch,” host Laurie Kirby

Nov. 24, KVWM 970 AM ~ White Mountains, AZ, “The Believe Show,” host Barbara Bruce

Nov. 22, WXBR 1460 AM ~ Boston, MA, “Lois on the Line,” host Lois Berman 

Nov. 20, blogtalkradio ~ Internet Radio, “Hope 42 Day,” host Lynn Kindler

Nov. 18, WUMR 91.7 FM ~ Memphis, TN, “Spotlight 92,” host Malvin Massey

Nov. 18, KKNW 1150 AM ~ Seattle, WA, “Conversations Live,” host Vicki St. Clair  

Nov. 14, KQRC FM ~ Kansas City, MO, “KC Concerns,” host Allene Martin

Nov. 14, KRLD 105.3 FM ~ Dallas, TX, “Better Living,” host Lauri Dodd

Nov. 13, WDRC 1360 AM ~ Hartford, CT, “The Mary Jones Show,” host Mary Jones

Nov. 11, KZSB 1290 AM  ~ Santa Barbara, CA, “Tell Me Your Story,” host Richard Dugan 

Nov 8, WSGE 91.7 FM ~ Charlotte, NC, “Roundtable Sunday Edition,” host Randy Walker  

Nov 5, KLAV 1230 AM ~ Las Vegas, NV, “Real Talk with Clever Minds,” hosts Mr. Z and Ms. Please 

Nov 1, WOCA 1370 AM ~ Ocala, FL, “AM Ocala Live,” hosts Robin MacBlane & Larry Whittler